Research Projects

My research interests lie in the intersection of particle and nuclear physics with a focus on neutrinos. I am interested in understanding the fundmental properties of neutrinos including their mass, how they acquires their mass and whether there are other undiscovered neutrino flavors.

Neutrino Mass

Project 8

The goal of the Project 8 experiment is to precisely measure the mass of neutrinos using the Cyclotron Radiation Emission Spectroscopy (CRES). On the experiment, my work has been primarily focused on R&D for CRES detection and reconstruction. I am currently the chair of the Antenna Array Working Group and the coordinator of the Position Track and Event Reconstruction.

Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay


CUORE and CUPID are designed to decipher the nature of neutrinos by searching for neutrinoless double beta decay process. My focus on these experiments has been to enhance their sensitivity by (i) improving the detector resolution by mitigating sources of noise (ii) reducing backgrounds by tagging cosmogenic backgrounds


Reactor Neutrinos


PROSPECT is a short baseline reactor antineutrino experiment with precisely measure reactor antineutrino spectrum and perform sterile neutrino induced oscillation searches. I led the R&D and assembly of optical reflector subsystem on the experiment. I also spear-headed the experiment's first sterile neutrino oscillation search.